Dennis Schürholz
Dennis Schürholz
(June 2013)

I obtained my graduation in mid-2013 as a certified technical assistant for computer science in combination with my matriculation standard at the Schulzentrum SII Utbremen. I attended a four-year double-qualifying course of education (DQI). Within this time I have acquired various skills, so include the use of different operating systems (Windows, Linux) as client and server and the establishment and maintenance of network infrastructure. (Participation in the Cisco Networking Academy)

Due to the course of education I am familiar with the area of ​​application development with Java, but I have gained experience with web development and app development (primarily based on Android) through self-study.

Since the beginning of the winter semester 2013/14, I am studying at the Faculty 3, University of Bremen with the goal of the Bachelor of Science in the field of computer science.

I work as an independent IT service provider since mid-2011, mostly employed in web development / web administration but I also present my own projects (so include self-developed apps) on this website and execute contract work in other areas (web development, network administration, computer equipment, etc. ).

Weitere Informationen zu meiner Person oder meinem erweiterten Lebenslauf können bei Interesse meiner persöhnlichen Website unter entnommen werden. Dort werde ich auch weitere Informationen zu meinen Kompetenzen und Projekten sammeln die nicht in den Rahmen hier passen.